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The Navy SEAL Dream: A14 Year Old Boys’ Battle with Cancer and His Dream of Becoming a Navy SEAL One Day


2F57833100000578-0-image-m-70_1450035366574Some boys dream of becoming doctors while others imagine themselves as lawyers. But for 14-year-old boy B.J. Correll, he dreams of becoming a U.S. Navy SEAL someday. While most kids of B.J.’s age are in school and are doing their best to fulfill their individual aspirations, B.J. is in the hospital, diagnosed with leukemia and is fighting for his life.

In 2012, B.J. was first diagnosed with leukemia and again in May 2015.

On the day that B.J. Correll was to undergo his treatment for his second battle with leukemia, a group of retired SEALs paid B.J. a surprise visit and made him an honorary member of their elite team. Stephen Brown, a SEAL Swim Charities member told Fox 5 Atlanta when he was interviewed, “He shows the character of what a SEAL would be like. He’s very strong.”

B.J.’s mother writes about her son’s battle with leukemia through Facebook andGoFundMe pages. In her blogs, she writes about her son being the strongest person she knows. So, when the Navy SEALs made her son an honorary member of their prestigious team, B.J.’s mother said that it took her breath away.  “He’s having a hard time right now. It’s amazing for him to have what he’s wanted to do for his life,” she said.

In a report published by The Huffington Post, it says that during B.J.’s many treatment procedures, he always carries with himself a trio of military coins, a coin from the Navy Academy, a coin from the Air Force, and a coin from the Navy SEALs.

The Navy SEALs veterans that visited B.J. from the hospital and made him an honorary member also gave B.J. an official Navy SEAL Trident. This SEAL Trident is worn by all Navy SEALs in battle. The veterans told B.J. that he could keep the SEAL Trident until he officially earned his own.

Stephen Brown summed up his interview by saying, “B.J. Correll with everything he has fought, he would make a great SEAL, he really would.



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