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The Gold Star: What It Really Means


God_Star_Mom_640_x_480What does a Gold Star symbolize?

For someone who does not know anything about the history and significance of the Gold Star, it may just look like a cool pin that can be easily bought in some fancy jewelry store. The truth is, Gold Star Lapel pins are given to the surviving family members that was left behind by a member of the United States of America Armed Forces who was killed in combat.

There are also Gold Star service flags which are are usually displayed in a window of the home where the service member’s immediate family reside. The Gold Star banner was created in 1918 following President Wilson’s approval of a suggestion letting mothers whose sons and daughters perished while serving in the war to wear a gold gilt star over the traditional mourning band.

In some instances, you might see banners that contain two gold stars. This signifies that there were two members of the family that were killed in action.

Gold_Star_Service_Banner.svgA Gold Star service flag is displayed to show respect and pay tribute to all the service men and women who lost their lives while serving and protecting our nation. So, when you see a white flag with red borders and a super imposed gold star over a larger blue star, why not tip your hat and pause for a while as a sign of respect and gratitude to those who paid the ultimate price just to make sure that our freedom and sovereignty are preserved.

Other times, we meet people wearing a Gold Star or next of kin pin. In this case, let us take time to recognize and respect these people not only for their bravery but also for their resiliency in dealing with the loss of someone close to them in the service of their country and their fellow Americans. The Gold Star is also the Army’s way of thanking the families of every fallen service men and women that has given so much for the Nation.

Today, our nation recognizes and greatly appreciates the sacrifices that every Gold Star family members make when a member of the family is lost while in service to the nation. As they say “The Strength of a Nation is its Army, the Strength of the Army is its Soldiers, and the Strength of the Soldiers lies in their Families”.

Gold Star Mom Bracelet Handmade By Heroes

As requested, Handmade By Heroes created a Gold Star Mom paracord bracelet that mothers of hero service members can proudly wear. This bracelet is also a way to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice – not only the service members who have perished in wars but equally their mothers.

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  • This article is a great. Thank you for sharing. As many don’t know what the star represents, me being one of them. – Thank You Veterans & Active Members.

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