Seven Guys You Would Likely Meet In Every Infantry Platoon


Not all U.S. service men are cut from the same cloth.

Just like in the civilian world, every working individual possesses a unique individualism and characteristics. Some are more hard-working than others and some are programmed like robots where they tend to do the same routine day in and day out.

In the military most especially in an infantry platoon, there are practically seven individuals that you will probably notice. They do not only stand out based on characteristics but also based on their habits and mannerisms. From idealists to dreamers, here are seven guys that you would likely meet in every infantry platoon.

Seven Guys You Would Likely Meet In Every Infantry Platoon

1. Stinky


Cleanliness and hygiene is not in this guy’s vocabulary. From a barracks full of used and smelly clothing to beer and soda bottles full of his piss, this guy can singlehandedly defeat an enemy by just the smell of his breath. While Stinky’s stench follows him wherever he goes, his PT score is also the worst in his platoon.

2. G.I. Joe


This guy usually descended from a line of military men. Born from a family of soldiers, shooting a rifle is just like riding a bicycle to him and before he learned how to drive, he was already an expert marksman.

3. Hemingway


This guy did not join the infantry because he was brave or he wants to serve and defend his country. He joined because he was inspired by something he has read or a movie he so happened to watch and loved. A Hemmingway can be often found talking to a podcast with a pipe hanging in his mouth.

4. Five Deployments


For a newbie soldier who thinks his current deployment is “shitty”, believe it or not, Five Deployments has been through worst. Form Fallijay, Korengal and to the city of Sadr, Five Deployments has been to them all. He may have also fathered a child in every city he was deployed to and his way of having fun is by blowing things up and telling the whole story afterwards. He loves to be in war zones and the smell of gun powder is like a coffee that gives him energy.

5. Old Man


A military man who looks like he has been deployed since the First World War is the Old Man in the infantry. His face is usually covered with facial hairs and he may also be supporting 5 kids, but in truth, Old Man is only 25. But even at a young age, Old Man is considered the father figure in a platoon. He gives all sorts of advice. From family problems to cheating girlfriends, name it and Old Man can solve the problem for you. In military functions, Old Man’s entire family shows up and would consume most of the prepared feast. His wife will most certainly look much older than she is and the younger members of the infantry platoon will start calling her “Mom”.

6. Li’l 1st Sergeant


Every infantry platoon member knows Li’l1st Sergeant. He is the person who knows every rule in the book. In the infantry, nobody wants to be bunk-mates with Li’l 1st Sergeant. He thinks of himself as the most qualified non-commissioned officer when the NCO’s are not around. He takes the rules and regulations like it’s a life and death situation and also loves making life a living hell for his fellow Joes.

7. Gunz


The Mr. Olympia of the infantry. He joined the military because he wants to have the body of Arnold Schwarzenegger, nothing more nothing less. While everyone in his unit hates waking up early in the morning, Gunz would already be up at the crack of dawn for his so called “personal training”. He measures success by the physique of one’s body and he loathes overweight people and weaklings.


Source: Task & Purpose

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