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Reasons a Veteran is Miserable after the Military

Most of the time, veterans think and reminisce the past rather than move on to their present civilian life. This is the reason why some veterans feel miserable after their military life is over. There are also other factors that contribute to veterans’ misery after the military.

Here are some of them…

4 Reasons why a veteran is miserable after the military:

1. Missing the camaraderie.



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The bonds that were forged and the friendship that was developed is what a veteran will truly miss once he is out of the military. When a veteran is back into the civilian world, he will feel alone and instead of making an effort to reach out and make new friends, he would most probably go into lock-down mode and push everybody away instead of letting them in into his life and make his transitioning from military to civilian life much easier.

2. Missing the lifestyle.


U.S. Service Women through the Years

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Barracks life, smell of cigars, nights of drinking, being always alert and on their toes and the other chaos that can only be brought and experienced in the military field is a jarhead’s description of fun. But when military life is over, the habits of drinking, smoking and being carefree will be hard to remove from the system. This will cause problems when a veteran is already living a civilian life especially when his civilian counterparts do not support and find his way of lifestyle as appealing. Sometimes, what ex-military men see as fun is different as to what a civilian perceives.

3. Missing playing with guns and blowing things up while getting paid for doing it.



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It’s always fun to shoot and blow things up. It’s even better if while you are doing all these things, you are being paid for it. Sadly, in the civilian world, there aren’t many jobs that involve the need to have weapons or explosives that generates a veteran’s excitement.

4. Veterans don’t talk enough.



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In the military, honesty is the best policy. It is best to tell the truth rather than keeping it as a secret. An open and honest conversation is something a service man can get away in the military. Most items and objects as well as missions and simple assignments have codes and acronyms attached to it. Military men are free to speak what is in their minds without the notion of being fired because of what he has said. In the civilian world it is different. Anything you say that is hurtful or deemed inappropriate to a co-worker can get you fired or worse, sued. This is the reason why most veterans have trouble communicating and expressing their opinions when they are employed in a civilian work place. By not communicating, it is harder for a veteran to adapt to his civilian life.


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