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Reaction Energy Inc. is hiring Military Veterans!

Business concept. Isolated on white
Business concept. Isolated on white

Reaction Energy Inc. is currently seeking qualified individuals for position openings, both full and part time.  They are seeking to hire a total of 12 Veterans with varying levels of skills and mobility.

Reaction Energy was formed in 2008. The mission of Reaction Energy Corporation is to develop and implement new technologies to convert animal waste in to useful products in a way that positively impacts the environment.

We have been building prototypes and refining the new technology since 2008 and now that our technologies are going in to production we are seeking to offer employment to honorably discharged Veterans to fill certain positions with in our growing company.

Reaction Energy Inc. is currently seeking qualified individuals for position openings, both full and part time.  We wish to hire a total of 12 Veterans with varying levels of skills and mobility.  We are focusing on recently departing our military due to the highly technical skills learned in today’s military.  We need to thank them for their trustworthiness, sacrifice and technical skills developed while serving our country.  The best way I can honor their service to our country is by ensuring them of good careers after honorable discharge from service.

Successful candidates at a minimum shall be proficient with operating computers.

We are looking at filling 4 roles with multiple positions available in each role.

ROLE 1: Custom Programs Operation Roles

We have custom programs that need at least 4 operators at the basic level.  These operators only need to press the start and stop buttons and follow simple on screen instructions.

ROLE 2: Client Relations

At least 5 candidates must have good communication skills to interface with our clients and to report issues, findings and repair recommendations to their supervisors.  These candidates need to have the ability to help trouble shoot and perform minor repairs and maintenance of our computer hardware and PLC panels.

ROLE 3: Computer/Camera Monitoring

We need at least one candidate Knowledgeable in Allan Bradley RS 5000 computer ladder logic and block language, general programming skills are also helpful.

The computer/camera monitoring position requires operation and monitoring of a proprietary environmental cleanup technology computer system.  This person monitors remote camera system and interfaces with our automated computer system and related hardware.  When the computer system identifies a problem with the hardware, the operator then trouble shoots, repairs if possible and restarts the system.  In the event immediate repair cannot take place, supervisor is notified and this operator shuts down the system according to operation manual procedures and calls in the mechanical or electrical team to go to the site to make required repairs and fills out associated paper trail documentation.

This person will also interface with customer truck drivers who are picking up our finished products from our system, currently we are making an all natural fertilizer.  This function requires documentation of gallons, date, time, etc of product drivers pick up.

ROLE 4: Mechanical Repairs

The mechanical repair duties would need at least 2 persons who can both trouble shoot problems with sensor devices, pumps and valves.  They would also be able to work on power distribution panels.  Veterans who worked on anything from submarines, armored vehicles to aircraft would be well suited. Our equipment has two height levels, the top one has a height of 15 ft and has stairways with hand rails. The mechanic will need to be able to climb up the stairway so physical mobility is a must in this capacity.  The attached a picture of our system shows the stairway and rail system so you get an idea of what they will be working on, this is the first of its kind located in Oklahoma, south of Tulsa.  We are planning on having systems all over the U.S., most will be in North Carolina.

If you have been honorably separated from the military and are interested in applying for any of the positions, please e-mail your resume, a copy of your DD-214 and military I.D. to CEO, Dean Gokel at his e-mail address: and in the subject line write “Facebook Applicant.”


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