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Practical Uses of Paracord Bracelets


Paracord bracelets are great to own. Yes, it is a cool bracelet to wear but it can also serve other purposes. And when you find yourself in tight situations, paracord bracelets can offer much more usefulness than just being a cool bracelet.

Practical Uses of Paracord Bracelet

Great in Making Bow and Arrows


source: lifehacker

There may just be 1-in-a million chance that you will find yourself stuck in a survival emergency with no food in sight. But if you find yourself in this situation, having a paracord bracelet can be a lifesaver. The cords that were used in making the paracord bracelet can be used as a string for a handmade bow and arrow. Now, with a bow and arrow in hand, you can summon the hunter in you and hunt some small animals for you to survive until you are rescued or you reach the nearest town possible.

Great in Making Traps


source: mastery.com

In a survival situation, knowing how to set some kind of traps can be a great way to catch small animals for food. The Paracord bracelet’s cord can be used as snare nooses and triggers. For the smaller trap parts, the cords from the inner strands of the paracord can be used. And for a trigger, the shackle is perfect.

Great in Starting a Fire


source: skilledsurvival

If you know how to use the bow-and-drill friction method to start a fire, then, the cord of a paracord bracelet strap and the slippery cord is the perfect string to use. The cords give more traction on the drill and help the kits operation. Using softwoods like cedar or willow as your drill board, imbed the curved bar with the bracelets strap logo deeply into the block of your chosen soft wood. It will now serve as the bearing block for the top of your drill. The smooth surface will also make the drill spin easier.

Great in Making Tourniquet


source: malaysiamilitarytag

Paracord bracelets have been used and proven to be a great tourniquet in stopping severe bleeding.

Great as Lashing Material in Making Splint


source: prepperguidesuk

Materials used in making splints can be easily found. But strong lashing materials are hard to come by. If you have a paracord bracelet, it can be used as the perfect lashing material. When unraveled, it can give you at least 15 feet of paracord bracelet cords. That is more than enough lashing material to be used.

Great as Boot Laces, Belts And Suspenders


source: etsy.com

When unraveled, the material on a paracord bracelet can be used as the perfect replacement for any boot lace. You can also use the material as a temporary belt or suspenders for those over sized pants that you have.

Great in Making Fishing Line


source: malaysiamilitarytag

Attach a hook in one of the strands of your paracord bracelet and put some bait on it. You now have a fishing line that is perfect in murky waters. Best in catching catfish and other non-picky eating fishes.

Great in Making Shelter


source: offgridsurvival

When you go on camping and you forget to pack your tent lines, the cord in your paracord bracelet when unraveled can be a great substitute. The cord that is in the paracord bracelet has enough strands that can be used for shelter tying jobs.

Other Uses Of Paracords


source: opticsplanet

  • Bundle stuff together
  • Create a makeshift lanyard
  • Create a neckerchief slide
  • Create makeshift hand cuffs
  • Emergency dental floss (inner threads)
  • Emergency suture material (inner threads) when there is nothing else available
  • Hang food in trees to keep the bears away
  • Hang something up off the ground
  • Hang tools from around your neck
  • Hang tools from your belt
  • Identify members of a group using different colored armbands or bracelets
  • Keep rolled up items secure
  • Make a hammock
  • Make a pet collar
  • Make a pet leash
  • Make a rope
  • Make a sack for carrying groceries or gear
  • Make a sling for your arm
  • Make a tow line; double or triple up for extra strength
  • Make arts and crafts to stave off boredom
  • Make traps and snares
  • Repair a zipper pull
  • Replace a broken bra strap (it happens)
  • Rig a pulley system
  • Secure a garbage-bag rain poncho around your body to keep you dry
  • Secure a splint
  • Secure things to the outside of your backpack
  • Secure your boat or skiff to a tree
  • String a clothesline
  • Tie bad guys or intruders to a tree or chair
  • Tie objects together for easier transport
  • Tie people together on a trail so that they keep together
  • Tie stuff down so it will not blow away in a storm
  • Tie tall garden vegetable plants to stakes
  • Use as sewing thread (inner threads)



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