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NFL to Allow Only One Team to Move to Los Angeles – Reports Say

Chargers Stadium in LA design (Manica Architecture) via CBS Sports
Chargers Stadium in LA design (Manica Architecture) via CBS Sports

Currently, there are three teams vying for the move: the Raiders, the Chargers and the Rams.

However, it seems like the NFL feels that allowing two teams to move to Los Angeles, which hasn’t had a team for over two decades, would overwhelm fans. This is why, come October 6-7, only one team might be allowed to make the move.

And the strongest contender? The Rams.

Raiders and Chargers are not as well positioned as the Rams because they are planning to make the move as part of a 2-team package in Carson, CA.

Sorry, Raiders and Chargers, it seems your chances of getting your new stadium in L.A. built are a bit bleak.

To make the move though, the Rams will need 24 team owners to approve. If Dean Spanos and Mark Davis, Chargers and Raiders owners respectively, don’t manage to convince 7 other team owners to vote against the move, Los Angeles will see Rams as their flagship team for the NFL in 2016.

Whatever the outcome though, fans will be glad to see the NFL return to Los Angeles.

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