HandmadeByHeroes.com Releases New Mission Statement and Promises New Products for 2017

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COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, February 20, 2017 – HandmadeByHeroes.com (HBH) has changed their mission to state that aside fromsimply giving work to veterans, they are also providing them with the opportunity to learn new skills and potentially have a greater role in running the company. Additionally, they have also started turning ideas into actual products and will be rolling out new products throughout the year.

Providing employment is a very important goal for the organization which helps many veterans based in Colorado Springs transition from the military to civilian life. As is already commonly known, many veterans come home from areas of conflicts broken and scarred, both physically and mentally. In that state, it can often be difficult to find employment and be self-sufficient. On top of that is the burden of coping with problems like PTSD and TBI while trying to make life as normal as it used to be for the sake of their loved ones.

HandmadeByHeroes.com steps in to offer not only an opportunity for a steady source of income, but also provides a healing environment where veterans can work with others who share similar experiences – their fellow veterans. Now HBH is opening a new door for veterans who want to learn additional skills that can be beneficial to furthering their careers.

HandmadeByHeroes.com’snew mission statement:

The goal of HandmadebyHeroes.com is to employ US Veterans who have given so much for our Nation. But apart from providing employment, we also aim to give the Veterans working for us the opportunity to learn new skills and trades which can help them transition from the Military into the Civilian workforce, where they can find new jobs with their newly learned skills.

They offer training opportunities for the following skills:

  • Product Development
  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Stock Control
  • Back of House Production (Cutting)
  • Shipping
  • Website maintenance
  • Social Media Posting
  • Advertising

Once core training is completed, the veterans are then offered the chance to work for experience in these areas which can prove useful later when they decide to move on to other jobs. Their HandmadeByHeroes.com family will remain as their support network even after moving on.

Another thing that employed veterans are encouraged to do at HBH is to come up with ideas for new products that can be offered to supporters. The company makes licensed paracord bracelets and key chains with NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and CLC/CLPA licensed team logos. Medical ID bracelets and key chains, awareness bracelets, and armed forces themed paracord products are also available.

Recently, they have introduced new paracord products which include:

  • Watch with paracord band
  • Paracord dog collar
  • Paracord bottle holder

Paracord or parachute cord is a sturdy yet flexible material that can be turned into many other products. It has many survival and utility functions that both soldiers and civilians appreciate. This is a fitting material used to build products that help connect our veterans with the rest of the American people and HandmadeByHeroes.com promises to offer more quality products as the year progresses.

HandmadeByHeroes.com’s headquarters is located at Colorado Springs, Colorado. Visit their website to learn more about how they are working towards their vision of becoming a true empowerment opportunity for our veterans.

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