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Handmade By Heroes is Changing Lives

Justin Cartwright
Justin Cartwright

What a difference a year makes. Handmade By Heroes is officially 1 Year Old this week after changing our name from the Commoneo Project. Thank you for supporting us and making a difference in the lives of our disabled-veterans. We had 3 veterans a year ago, and have grown to 25! Here in Colorado Springs, we get to see the impact every day in their lives—the stories are too numerous to tell, but over the next year we will try to connect you with the profound difference our “family” is making.

Justin Cartwright joined our team this past January. He called me a week ago, frantic with one question… “Where are you?” I thought something might be wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth. Earlier that day he had looked at a car and after calling USAA, he was surprised to find that he is now qualified for a loan. So, he drove off that lot with a 2007 Mercedes C280. One year ago, Justin was homeless and living in an abandoned motel with his dog to keep him warm. He called to share his joy and to say thank you to Handmade By Heroes. I replied “You’re welcome, but you should be proud, because you took the bus every day to get to work and you were the one who earned it”. Click here to see Justin’s story…

So many stories, so many changed lives. As we move into this new year, all of us at HBH thank you for your support and for being part of our family. Keep telling your friends, sharing us on social media, and if you are ever in Colorado Springs, come see firsthand the difference we can all make together.

Mark Lewis

Mark R. Lewis
Chief Executive Officer
Handmade By Heroes, LLC

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