Empowering our Nations Veterans

About Us

Handmade By Heroes is a company focused on employing Service-Disabled Veterans to craft products made out of tactical paracord. We are based in Colorado Springs, Colorado and currently employ over 30 Veterans and their caregivers. Veteran Made Products realizes that Military Veterans face career challenges when transitioning from the military service to the civilian workforce. In response, we have designed an employment program that teaches U.S. Veterans the necessary job skills that they need to succeed.Our goal is to empower Our Nation’s Heroes by teaching them necessary employment skills that improves their quality of life.


We wanted the opportunity to profile other Veteran American Made products so we decided to put together a blog where we can also share our news and news about things close to our heart.


Many Veterans suffer from combat-related injuries such as amputation, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), and chronic depression. Due to the issues that arise from coping with mental and physical challenges, some Veterans lose ambition and can easily isolate themselves from society. This behavior can make it very difficult for them to maintain employment.
There are many companies working hard to empower our nations disabled veterans by giving them the opportunity to work with in their disability and lead a normal life.