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3 Awesome Businesses Owned By Veterans


When veterans retire from their military service, transitioning from military life to civilian life is sometimes a challenge. Some veterans who want to go back to work in the civilian world sometimes find it difficult to let go of the routines and practices that they have regularly done while they were still in the military. But sometimes, some of these veterans transition to civilian life without any problems. They even find good paying jobs just after retiring from service and other veterans even put up their very own businesses and succeed in doing it.

Below are 3 awesome businesses that are owned by veterans.

1. Mountaineer Technology Ventures



source: ignorenomoreapp

INM-logoAfter serving 11 years in the military, Susan Standifird retired from the service. Then, she spent the next six years as a teacher. In 2013, Susan started her company, the Mountaineer Technology Ventures after she came up with an idea for an app while talking with her husband. When Susan was interviewed by Free Enterprise on the reason why she started her company, Susan said “The real frustrating and repeating one was that our kids were not answering our calls or texts when we needed to touch base or have them do something for us. And so I decided to start my own company and get in to developing apps”. The following year, Susan taught herself how to build apps on different mobile platforms. After more than a year, the app Ignore No More was created. The Ignore No More app is an app that gives parents the ability to remotely lock their kids’ smart phones by entering a password. To unlock the phone, the child needs to call her parents first.  While the app that was created by Susan was negatively received by other people most especially kids with smart phones, Susan said that she has more app ideas that relates around family issues. Susan also said “Ignore No More has also opened doors for us, because we realized that this can be used in many different arenas”.

 2. VetPrestige 



source: Vetprestige

VetPrestige is a professional Networking community that helps veterans with advanced skills and academic backgrounds. Led by Jeff Reid and Alyssa
Lovegrove, VetPrestige helps students who want to start their own business and get it off the ground. VetPrestige offers programs like the Startup Hoyas Launch Program where veterans can develop their business ideas and dreams into reality. VetPrestige was also launched mainly to help veterans with good college and university backgrounds get the best opportunity in finding professional positions in respected companies.

3. Two Marines Moving



source: linkedin

Two Marines Moving is a company that was founded by former Marine Nick Baucom. After serving in the Marines from 2002-2008, Nick started a moving company that caters to businesses and homeowners in and around Washington, D.C.

By doing this, Two Marines Moving sets itself apart from the other moving companies and from the competition by primarily employing former service men and women. Two Marines Moving was just an idea that became a reality because of Nick’s experiences from friends and family who sometimes asked Nick’s help when they move. Nick saw this as a good opportunity and officially founded Two Marines Moving. Nick opened his company on November 10, 2008, the same day the Marines Corps was founded in 1775.


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